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Canterbury Nursery School Enrichment Programs
Enrichment Programs

These programs are integrated into the normal school week:

  • Computer Program - From September through May, the younger Pre-K, Pre-K, and Jr. K classes will receive computer instruction weekly during open time. The computer teacher strengthens learning by utilizing programs that incorporate patterning, matching, sequencing, categorizing, numeral and letter naming.
  • Music Program - The children in all of the classes receive music instruction on a weekly basis. The music program incorporates thematic songs, rhythmic movement, and playing of simple musical instruments.
  • Guidance Program - Classroom guidance is offered to all classes on a weekly basis. The purpose of the guidance program is to help children express their feelings about various topics and to develop problem solving skills. In addition to classroom guidance, individual guidance is offered for Canterbury children when a teacher, child or parent requests the Director to address a specific issue.
  • Motor Development Program- This specialized program teaches the children to follow directions, develop muscle coordination and body control. The children are introduced to new games, exercise, and equipment. Most of all, the children lean that physical activity is fun!
  • Giving Program- - Canterbury is committed to teaching children that giving to others is important. Canterbury families, will be involved in helping others within the Richmond community.
  • Library- The library program operates as a room during Open Time. It gives our children the opportunity to experience quality children’s literature while developing key early literacy skills. The lending portion of the program offers children the chance to choose their own books to share with family. They learn to be responsible for the books, taking a great deal of pride in being trusted with special school library books. Most of all, it helps reinforce that books are our friends, and that reading is fun.
  • Afternoon Enrichment Club- Our children two years old and up are eligible to participate in our afternoon enrichment programs, extending our school day beyond noon. This program will provide children with additional time to explore all of our learning opportunities. Children may stay until 2:00pm or 5:00pm. Early morning drop-off, beginning at 7:30 am, also extends the learning day.
Starting 2015 our Afternoon Enrichment classes will include our younger students.
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