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Looking forward to a new school year!

Here are some things you can do to get ready for the new school year. Our teachers have been working hard to prepare for the new school year and are excited to share their enthusiasm with your children.Your parent packet with your child’s teacher will be arriving the second week of August. Please sign and return with your other paperwork on the first day of school. We also ask you to read the Parent handbook. You can find this on line at www.canterburynurseryschool.org under admissions/all parent forms. If you would like to get a start on the necessary paperwork before you receive your packet you are welcome to visit our web site. There you will find all the forms under admissions, all parent forms. These forms will be due on the first day of school. Each child will need a new medical form with current medical information. We also ask that you fill out childcare registration, photography, infection control form, field trip permission and the Emergency Card form.

We will have a meet and greet on August 8th at 10:00 am on the Playground for our new families.

See you soon



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