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School Announcements


With snow predictions looming in the air please read below our inclement weather policy. 


If Henrico County Schools are closed, Canterbury will be closed.  If Henrico County Schools opens 1 hour late due to bad weather, we will open at 8:50 and we will not have Early Morning Drop-Off.  If Henrico opens 2 hours late Canterbury will open at 10:00 am.  IF HENRICO DISMISSES SCHOOL EARLY, CANTERBURY WILL CLOSE IMMEDIATELY.  Canterbury does not make up snow days. 


If Henrico County schools remain closed (even when major roadways are clear), the Director may choose to resume classes at Canterbury as long as the parking lot, access roads and sidewalks are safe.  If Canterbury decides to reopen before Henrico, an email will be sent and the website will be updated.  The safety of the children and staff are the first priority in any decision to reopen early.  If you are unsure whether Canterbury is open, please call the school number and listen to the message, or check the website. 


There is no Early Morning Drop-Off if schools are closed. 


There will be no afternoon programs if school is closed.  When Canterbury’s afternoon program are canceled, they will not be made up and no cash refunds will be given.  If Henrico County closes school during any of our scheduled afternoon programs, please pick up your child immediately. 

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