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About The Library

The Library program at Canterbury Community Nursery School began in 2005 as an effort to enhance the early literacy curriculum already in place.

The Library is a place for children to explore literature and language in a developmentally appropriate way, facilitated by supportive adults, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Stop by some time and see what Ms. Sara has going on in the Rainbow Room!

The Yellow Room - Our Library

Every day during Open Time, the Yellow Room becomes the Canterbury Community Nursery School Library, facilitated by Sara Hudson. Here, children are invited to enjoy a wide range of language activities that center around the weekly theme. They can listen to stories selected to coordinate with the theme. During the telling of the story, the children learn about the mechanics of books – authors, illustrators, covers, how the words flow, what we can learn from the pictures. They also get the chance to discuss the book, predict the next event, interpret the characters’ emotions, and wonder what the author wanted us to learn.

Children also get the chance to enjoy “reading” books themselves, even if they are not yet readers. They read the pictures, or retell stories they have heard before. Stuffed animals and real friends make great companions for this activity.

At our Author Table, our budding writers have been busy writing books, postcards, and letters using a variety of materials. There are fancy pens and markers, stickers, pictures from magazines, rubber stamps, rubbing plates, crayons, stencils – the selection changes from week to week.



At the ABC Table, they can visit Bernard the Book Bear and learn the letter for that week. There are games and manipulative materials there to support letter recognition and phonemic awareness – the understanding that words are made up of individual sounds.



At the Game Table, there are literacy games. Children can look for a letter in a Big Book using a special tool, such as a fly swatter with a window cut in it. They can make letters out of modeling clay and play rhyming games. And, on the floor there are big puzzles or felt board activities.



All of these activities support early literacy skills such as visual discrimination, letter recognition, and letter-sound relationships. But, most of all, they are engaging and fun.

We also have a circulating part of our library program. Children are able to check out books, keep them for a week, and then return them to the library. They each have a library card of their own that shows that they have this privilege. We hope that by checking out books from the CCNS Library, they will develop the love of books that will serve them throughout their lives.

Come by any day during Open Time and see all the fun we have in the Library!
If you have a question, comment, book recommendation or other suggestion for the library, please email Ms. Sara.
Questions and Comments

If you have a question, comment, book recommendation or other suggestion for the library, please email Ms. Sara.


The Library uses a lot of “stuff,” so we are always looking for donations of materials. Here are some items we can always use:

  • Books for the Collection – At Canterbury, we are fortunate to have a solid collection of books. But, we are always happy to accept more books into the family. So, we are happy to give your gently used books a good home.
  • Masterpiece art – The Library can always use note cards, post cards, calendars, posters, stickers, and prints depicting masterpiece art.
  • Stock photo books – These are a dying breed in the field of graphic design, but they are a gold mine for the author table. They are books containing small pictures that can be used in advertising. We cut them up and the children glue them into the books they make at the author table.
  • Calendars – Don’t throw it away! If it has great pictures – especially fine art or photographs – we can use it in the library. We especially love those appointment calendars that have dozens of pictures in them.
  • Note cards, invitations, stationary – It is always more fun to practice writing on fancy paper.
  • Glue sticks – We go through these like water!
  • Copy paper – This paper becomes the inside of the blank books the children use at the author table.
  • 12 x 12 Scrapbook paper and photo paper – For our bulletin board and scrapbook.
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